Health and Safety Code

A lot of people tend to look at Health and Safety (H&S) from the wrong angle . . . it's considered to be a nuisance or waste of time, or maybe an exaggeration of what can go wrong.

At Merill we like to think of H&S practises differently; For us, those extra few minutes which are invested towards H&S, will ensure that each and every experience is a fulfilling one - for everyone involved! The main notion is that all of the guests should be aware of possible risks related to outdoor events. These experiences, more often than not, happen on functioning farms and workshops. Most of these are not dangerous activities at all, but even the smallest of mishaps can spoil one's day, and H&S procedures are there in order to prevent such incidents.

Our public liability insurance covers our social enterprise, our members and our guests throughout our rural tours. However, our clients together with all the guests must be made aware of the most common perils associated with the outdoor environment. For this reason, prior to each activity, we spend 5 minutes to brief our guests of the upcoming experience and any related hazards

The guests are then asked to sign a release form in order to acknowledge that they have understood what was discussed in the briefing.

Signing papers may be a lengthy process (and not really eco-friendly), therefore we also offer our guests the opportunity to complete the release form online, prior to the excursion date or have the group leader sign on behalf of all the guests.

For more information about our H&S standards and procedures please email us at