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Rekindling our senses

For millennia, the Maltese Islands have been renowned for their strategic location and size, as well as for their devoted labourers and blessed soil. These elements helped put these tiny islands on the Mediterranean cultural and culinary maps. Our commitment is to help revive Maltese typical local products, hence supporting farmers and artisans. We do not aspire to reinvent the wheel, but merely to rediscover genuine ingredients, authentic food, and processed products. Appealing locally-produced packaging, made of upcycled material whenever possible, also contributes to the reduction of carbon footprint. Our unique products are entirely produced and created by local farmers and artisans, making them perfect genuine gifts for your guests. Our selection of products is available as souvenirs including weaved items, miniature jars, and bottles.

Eco Hampers & Gifts

- How to brew the Maltese Traditional Coffee mix

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